Vol 21 (2016)

21st International Forestry and Environment Symposium 2016

Table of Contents

Forestry and Natural Resource Management

Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Activity of Extracts from Passiflora suberosa L. Leaves PDF
K.R.V. Bandara, C. Padumadasa, L.D.C. Peiris
Santalum album as a Specialty Seed Oil Source: A Preliminary Study PDF
S.M.C.U.P. Subasinghe, D.S. Hettiarachchi
Status of Multi-Geared Small Scale Fishery Operated in Koggala Lagoon and Adjacent Coastal Area PDF
J.G.C. Hansika, M.D.S.T. De Croos
Germination Potential of Aspergillus niger and Fusarium solani Spores on Live Gyrinops walla Stem Tissues PDF
A.A.P. Dias, K.M.E.P. Fernando
Screening of Fungi Capable of Degrading Lignin from Decaying Woods in Dry and Intermediate Zone Forests of Sri Lanka PDF
S.R.A.S. Daraniyagala, R.N. Attanayake
Anti-Obesity Effect of Rhizophora Mucronata-A True Mangrove PDF
P. Dinesh, T. Ramanathan
Extraction of Toxic Metabolites from Selected Strains of Aspergillus niger and Fusarium solani PDF
S.V. Withanage, T.H.P.S. Fernando, S.M.C.U.P. Subasinghe
Investigation of Properties of Rubber Wood Related to Solid Wood Flooring PDF
T. Venukasan, H.S. Amarasekera
Growth Comparison of Young Three Agarwood Producing Species Intercropped with Rubber under Different Light Conditions PDF
M.P.D. Lanka, S.M.C.U.P. Subasinghe, A.M.W.K Senevirathna, N.M.C. Nayanakantha
Rock Quarrying and Sustainable Environment Management PDF
P.G.R. Dharmaratne
Variation in Soil Parameters in the Thaulla Area of Ulankulama Tank at Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka PDF
N.S. Abeysingha, J.P.H.U. Jayaneththi, E.J. Kosgollegedara, S. Hammer
Microbial Solubilization of Rock Phosphate to Use in Sustainable Agriculture PDF
S.G.R. Jayawardhane, P.N. Yapa
Characterization of Soil Water Repellency for Agricultural Farms with Different Soil Management Systems PDF
Y.N.S. Wijewardana, H. Kuroki, K. Kawamoto, S. Hiradate, K. Muller, B.E. Clothier, K. Mason, R. Simpson, T. Komatsu
Microcystin Contamination and Potential of Microcystin Production in Major Drinking Water Bodies of Sri Lanka PDF
M.A.P.C. Piyathilaka, K.H. Tennekoon, B.G.D.N.K. De Silva, P.M. Manage
Determination of Grey Water Footprint of Rice Cultivation in the Right Bank of Nilwala Downstream PDF
R H.K. Rathnappriya, C.M. Navaratne, U. Rathnayake
Detecting the Glyphosate Contamination in Manihot esculenta (Variety Alu Peradeniya) Grown in Sri Lanka PDF
M.C.K. Amarasiri, P. Godakumbura, M.A.B. Prashantha
Effects of Paddy Husk Biochar on Selected Physical and Chemical Properties of the Low Humic Gley Soil in the Low Country Wet Zone PDF
M.M.M. Najim, N. Moragoda
Trichoderma virens Mediated Rock Phosphate Solubilization: A Potential Replacement For Triple Super Phosphate in Rice Cultivation PDF
P.V.D. Dilani, C.M. Nanayakkara, D.N. Sirisena
Soil Carbon Storage Potential of the Home Gardens Adjoining Selected Natural Forests of the Southern Sri Lanka PDF
W.M.C.J. Wijekoon, S.D. Wanniarachchi, U.I. Samarawickrama
Distribution of Selected Metals in Lake Sediments and Soils in Padaviya, Sri Lanka PDF
R.T. Ediriweera, P.L.A.T. Cooray, S.S.L.W. Liyanage
Soil Loss Estimation Using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE): A Coarse Resolution Dataset in the Indian Himalayan Region PDF
V. Arjune, D. Dawa
Topographical Effects on Soil Carbon in a High Grown Tea Plantation of Nawalapitiya PDF
K.T. Kosvinna, E. Lokupitiya
Assessment of Grey Water Footprint: Kalu Ela Sub Basin of Kelani River PDF
B.C.L. Athapattu, H.M.S.S. Sandarekha, P.A.K. Sameera, G.L. Jayathunga, G.A.A.U. Perera, S.L.N. Niroshani
Sedimentary Characteristics of Offshore Sediments in Maggona to Induruwa, South-Western Region of Sri Lanka PDF
T.B.D.T. Samaranayake
Engineered Solution to Improve Water Quality of Urban Water PDF
B.C.L. Athapattu, G.L.E.P. Perera, H.K.M. Perera, G.C.R. Dayarathna, P.K.C. De Silva, M. Vithanage, G.A.A.U. Perera
Development of a Cost Effective TISAB Buffer for Fluoride Analysis PDF
P.L.A.T. Cooray, S.P. Deraniyagala
Chemical Speciation Modeling of Drinking Water in Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu) Affected Areas PDF
D.H. Perera, J.A. Liyanage
Investigation of Multiple Drivers and their Impact on Chronic Kidney Disease Unidentified - A Case Study in Padaviya Divisional Secretariat, Sri Lanka PDF
I.A.A.M. Fernando, D.M.S.H.K. Ranasinghe, P.M.P. Udayakantha, W.M.P. Bandara
Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopic Analysis of Soil Organic Matter in an Alluvial Type Gem Deposit in Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka PDF
R.M.T.D. Madusanka, D.T. Jayawardana, R.M.N.P.K. Jayasinghe

Waste Management and Pollution Control

Waste Management System and Energy Recovery: A Japanese Casestudy PDF
N. Goto
Management of Temple Flower Waste of Jaipur City by Vermicomposting and its Effect on Soil and Plant Growth of Pisum sativum PDF
N. Jain
N-POTS (Nature Based - Pots) : Organic Pot Innovation as Polybag Plastic Replacement Made from Wood Waste in Supporting Zero Waste Forestry PDF
F.R. Nuryadin, M. Iskandar, F.R. Nuryadin, B.D.H. Afaf
Effect of Cadmium and Zinc on Three Marine Diatoms, Odontella aurita, Bellerochea malleus and Coscinodiscus centralis PDF
V. Narayanan, S. Pitchai
The Application of Microalgae an Impending Bio-Fertilizer: Maize Cultivation as a Model PDF
S.R. Sruthi, D. Ramar, S. Pitchai
Alternative Livelihood for Scheduled Caste Population in Cuddalore District through Sustainable Utilization of Marine Waste for Oyster Mushroom Cultivation PDF
K. Murugaiyan
Investigation of Photochemical Smog Formation after Removal of Water Soluble Organic and Inorganic Fractions in the Diesel Exhaust Fume PDF
N.P.L. Palliyaguru, P.M. Jayaweera
Nitrogen Budget of Broiler Production under Closed-House Management Conditions PDF
N.S.B.M. Atapattu, W.W.D.A. Gunawardana, L.M. Abeywickrama, M. Munasinghe
Designing and Evaluation of Bagasse Powered Preheating Device for Seed Cane Hot-water Treatment Plant PDF
W.B.M.A.C. Bandara, K.T. Ariyawansha, C.P. Rupasinghe
The Role of Hospital Effluent for Occurrence and Distribution of Ecologically Important Antibiotics in Sri Lanka PDF
G.Y. Liyanage, P.M. Manage
Optimization of Isolated Textile Dye (CI Direct Blue 201) Decolorizing Bacteria PDF
E.M.M.S. Ekanayake, P.M. Manage
The Islandwide Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Program in Sri Lanka PDF
P.P. Manamendra
Controlling Algal Blooms in Beira Lake, Colombo: Evaluating the Effect of the Effective Microorganism Preparation ‘Bokashi® Balls’ and Eichhornia Crassipes PDF
U.T. Karunarathne, C.M. Nanayakkara
Community-based Waste Management Programs: Case Study in Maharagama Urban Council Area PDF
W.P.M.A. Wijayawardhana, B.C.L. Athapattu, A.K. Karunarathna
Quality of Municipal Solid Waste Compost Produced in Sri Lanka PDF
P.W.D.S.S. Wijerathne, D.M.N. Senanayake, S. Gamage, A.N. Jayakody
Phytoremediation Using Constructed Wetlands to Treat Reverse Osmosis Rejected Concentrates PDF
B.C.L. Athapattu, T.W.L.R. Thalgaspitiya, U.L.S. Yasaratne, M. Vithanage
In vitro Study on Bio Removal of Cadmium (Cd 2+) by Freshwater Cyanobacterium Oscillatoria sp. and its Isotherm PDF
W.A.M.A. Wijesekara, W.M.D.N. Wijeyaratne, P.M. Manage
Analysis of Compost Quality with Time after Mixing with Different Weight Percentages of Dried Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Plants PDF
P.N. Dadigamuwa, N.J.G.J. Bandara, C.D.K. Pathirana, N. Mannapperuma

Biodiversity Conservation and Management

Managing the Marine Environment to Meet Future Challenges PDF
A. Rajasuriya
Malaysian Borneo - World Class Wildlife Tourism in South East Asia PDF
D. Newsome
Reef Resilience in Coral Reef Research and Management PDF
N Perera
Diversity and Temporal Variation of Avian Fauna in a Rice Growing Landscape in Kurunegala District, Sri Lanka PDF
A.M.K.H. Gunathilake, W.U. Chandrasekara
Is the Widely Used Weedicide Glyphosate that Bad? Toxic Effects of Glyphosate on the Earthworm Perionyx excavatus (Perrier, 1872) PDF
S.M.S. De Silva, W.U. Chandrasekara
Edible Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms: A Non-Timber Forest Product of Neotropical Forests and its Relation to Sustainability and Climate Change Mitigation PDF
J. Perez-Moreno, F Hernandez-Santiago, M. Martínez-Reyes
Environmental Impact Assessment of Estuaries in Southeast Coast of India using Fish Health Index and Index for Biotic Integrity (IBI) for Fishes PDF
S.A. Khan, P.S. Lyla, K. Khadharsha
Assessment of Coral Reef Environment Using Associated Fishes Along South-East Coast of India PDF
J. Jayapraba, M.S. Muthu, A.C.R. Sathya
Conventional Taxonomy of Four Tilapia Species in South-East Coast of India PDF
R.V. Viki, A.C.R. Sathya, M.S. Muthu
Challenges of Biopiracy: Implementing Community Based Eco-tourism (CBET) in the Sri Lankan context PDF
H.I.G.C. Kumara, H.I.G.C. Kumara, K.H.A.D.D.M Kodithuwakku, G.P.G.Y Dananjanie, W.S Wijesinghe, A.U. Rathnayake
Preliminary Survey of Conidial Fungi in Weligama Mangrove Forest Indicates Higher Micro-Flora Diversity PDF
A.V.A. Karunarathna, N.N. Wijayawardene, H.L.D. Weerahewa, K.D. Hyde
Bio-Speleology and Possible Trophic Networks in Sri Lankan Caves PDF
W.S. Weliange
A Preliminary Taxonomic Survey of Liverworts in the Nuwara Eliya District (Central Province) of Sri Lanka PDF
I.U. Kariyawasam
Distribution of Mangrove Species in the Islands of Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka PDF
R. Packiyanathan, C.S. Wijesundara
Ecology of the Critically Endangered Kandian Torrent Toad (Adenomus kandianus) in Pidurutalagala, Sri Lanka PDF
D.E. Gabadage, D.M.S.S. Karunarathna, S.M. Henkanaththegedara, W.M.S. Botejue, M.B. Madawala, T.D. Surasinghe
Diversity and Abundance of Marine Plankton and Benthos of Maruthankerny, Off Jaffna, Sri Lanka PDF
H.B. Jayasiri, D.D.G.L. Dahanayaka, K. Arulananthan
Reinstating Soil Biodiversity: The Key for Converting Degraded Lands to Sustainable Systems PDF
P.C. Wijepala, G. Seneviratne, H.M.S.P. Madawala, K.M.G.G. Jayasuriya
Macro-Fouling Faunal Assemblage in Hambantota Port PDF
R.M. Jayasundara, R.R.M.K.P. Ranatunga
Some Biological Aspects of Fish Species Arius jella (Day, 1877) Occurring in the Negombo Estuary PDF
N.D. Ekanayake, S.M.D.A.U. De Alwis
Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Selected Cadmium Salts on Earthworm Eisenia andrei under Tropical Conditions PDF
T.A.H.D.G. Jayathilake, M.A.G.D. Mallawaarachchi, P.M.C.S. De Silva, L.D.C. Peiris
Diversity and Distribution of Avifauna at the Montane Cloud Forests of Horton Plains National Park PDF
P.H.S.P. Chandrasiri, W.D.S.C. Dharmarathne, W.A.D. Mahaulpatha
A Systematic Survey, Taxonomic Study and Conservation of Genus Salacia (Celastraceae) in North Central Province of Sri Lanka PDF
W.I.N.S. Senevirathne, P.L. Hettiarachchi
Present Status and Conservation of Sri Lankan Aponogeton PDF
C.G. Manawaduge, D.M.D. Yakandawala
Diel Vertical Distribution of Zooplankton in a Tropical Reservoir on New Moon and Full Moon Days PDF
W.M.T.M. Walisundara, A. Jayasinghe, H.B. Asanthi
An Ecological Assessment of the Panama Lagoon Complex, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka PDF
P.K.P. Perera, I.U. Kariyawasam
Temporal Variations in the Abundance and Diversity of Surface Zooplankton in the South Coast of Sri Lanka PDF
H.B.U.G.M. Wimalasiri, S.U.P. Jinadasa, D.C.T. Dissanayake
Monsoon Driven Plankton Variation in Trincomalee Coastal Waters PDF
W.N.C. Priyadarshani, J.A.C. Prasad, R.R.M.K.P. Ranatunga, H.B. Jayasiri
Evaluation of Diversity of Soil Invertebrate Communities Near Forests of Gohagoda and Udawattakele in Kandy, Sri Lanka PDF
T.W.G.F.M. Nijamdeen, K.C. Weerakoon, G.C.P. Diyes
A Preliminary Study on the Distribution Pattern, Feeding Behavior and Invasiveness of the Exotic Fish, Chitala ornata (Clown Knife Fish) in the Sub Water Ways of Attanagalu Oya PDF
G.D.T. Perera, D. Weerakoon
Dragonfly (Odonata) Species Diversity in Different Land Use Patterns of Lowland Tropical Wet Zone, Colombo District of Sri Lanka PDF
W.A.L. Kanthika, K.A.J.M. Kuruppuarachchi, M.C.M. Dharmasena, M.G. Cooray
Bryozoans Species Composition in Colombo Port with a Description of Two New Species PDF
M.M.K.I. Marasinghe, R.R.M.K.P. Ranatunga, A.C. Anil
Are Sri Lankan Reefs Losing the Resilience? An Example from Coral Reefs in Sallitive Island PDF
R.R.M.K.P. Ranatunga, R. Weerasinghe, J.A.C. Prasad, P.D.R.S. Pethiyagoda
Green Buildings Concept for Nature Based Tourism; A Case Study from Sri Lanka PDF
M.P. Gunawardena
Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) in Yagirala Forest Reserve: Ethnozoology and Implications for Conservation PDF
K.V.D.H.R. Karawita, P.K.P. Perera, M.G.T. Pabasara
Natural Regeneration in Pine Plantations in the Buffer Zone of Sinharaja World Heritage Site PDF
G.K.A.L Dilhari, B.M.P. Singhakumara

Climate Change

Identification of Relationship between Urban Heat Islands & Vegetation Cover through Landsat 8: A Case Study of Colombo & Gampaha Districts in Sri Lanka PDF
G.M.T.S. Fernando
Arboricultural Assessment of Street Trees in Colombo City, Sri Lanka PDF
B.D. Madurapperuma, K.A.J.M. Kuruppuarachchi, W.N. Herath, L. Wijayathunga, T. Ranaweera, R. Sirimanna, A.R. Sumanarathna
Greenhouse Gas Emission from Colombo to Galle due to Southern Expressway in Sri Lanka: A Variance Study. PDF
D.A.K Subhashinie, V.R.S. Peiris
Analysis of Diurnal Air Temperature Range Change in Sri Lanka PDF
J.M.S.B. Jayasundara, M.M.T.D. Kasthuri
High Salinity Tolerance of Aedes to Breed in Brackish Waters Around the Negombo Estuary PDF
K.K.W.T. Madushika, P.D. Dayananda, H.S.D. Fernando, A.L. Fernando, H. De Silva, L. Nanayakkara, B.G.D.N.K. De Silva
Effect of High Temperature and Low Rainfall on Quantity and Quality of Sri Lanka Dwarf Green Female Flowers That Are Used for Controlled Hybridization in Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) PDF
K.G.A.P.K. Amarasinghe, C.S. Ranasinghe, D.C. Abeysinghe, A.A.F.L.K. Perera
Ex-Post Environmental and Social Review of Tsunami Involuntary Resettlement Housing Schemes in Sri Lanka PDF
U.M. Abeysinghe, J.M.A. Manatunge
Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System for Assessment of Flood Risk on the Major Downstream Areas of Gombe Metropolis, Nigeria PDF
S. Idris, L.M. Dharmasiri
Culture of Efficient Marine Microalgae, Their Biochemical Composition and its Antibacterial Activity against Human Pathogens PDF
S. Pitchai, D. Ramar, R. Kumaravel

Environment Friendly Technologies and Green Solutions

Wood-based Bioenergy: An Update for North America with a Focus on Pellets PDF
R.P. Vlosky
Green Energy Initiatives by Tokyo Cement Group PDF
C.S. Kandapola
Closing the Loop through Green Technologies PDF PDF
V.R.S. Peiris
Extraction and Application of Eco-Friendly Natural Dye Obtained from Kitchen Waste: Big Onion Skin PDF
U.G.S. Wijayapala, V.R.S. Peiris
Toward Sustainable Manufacturing of Natural Rubber: The Case of a Concentrated Latex Mill PDF
P. Dunuwila, V.H.L. Rodrigo
Organic Fertilizers and Biofertilizers to Improve Growth, Yield and Nutrient Quality of Soybean (Glycine max L.) PDF
S.M.D.T. Samarakoon, P.N. Yapa
A Methodological Framework to Rank Energy Efficiency of Cities PDF
H.U.C.P. Hewawasam, Bandara J.M.S.J., S.C. Wirasinghe
Removal of Rhodamine B from Aqueous Solution on to Modified Jack Wood Sawdust:A Comparative Study PDF
S. Marks, C.D. Jayaweera
Co-Inoculation of Pleurotus ostreatus with Beneficial Bacteria Enhanced Substrate Utilization and Mushroom Production: An Implication for the Development of a Novel Bio-Fertilizer PDF
P.T.N. Dhanushika, H.S. Jayasinghearachchi
Secondary Metabolite Profile and Maize Weevil Repellent Activity of the Leaves of Ruta graveolens PDF
A.G.W.U. Perera, M.M.S.C. Karunaratne, S.D.M. Chinthaka
Combinations of Leaf Powders of Ruta Graveolens and Azadirachta indica to Enhance the Repellent Activity of Sitophilus zeamais (Motsch.) in Stored Maize in Sri Lanka PDF
A.G.W.U. Perera, M.M.S.C. Karunaratne, S.D.M. Chinthaka
Fabrication of Antimicrobial Material for Food Packaging Applications PDF
D.P. Egodage, H.T.S. Jayalath, A.M.P.B. Samarasekara, D.A.S. Amarasinghe
Community and Industry Attitude Towards Using Prosopis juliflora as a Dry Matter Energy Source: A Case Study in Hambantota PDF
K.M.E. Udadini, W.A.R.T.W. Bandara
Elucidation of Microcystin-LR Degrading Mechanism of Bacillus cereus PDF
F.S. Idroos, P.M. Manage
Construction of Fuel Wood Value Index (FVI) for Common Fuel Wood Species and Compare the Performance with Rarely Use Invasive Prosopis juliflora PDF
W.A.R.T.W. Bandara
Microbial Bioremediation of Copper by a Bacillus cereus Strain Isolated from Coastal Waters of Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu PDF
R. Rohini, S. Jayalakshmi
Biofuel Production Using Marine Microbes PDF
V. Kalaiselvi, S. Jayalakshmi
Exploring Motivational Drivers in the Corporate Sector Toward Green Purchasing and Promoting Upcycled Products to Adopt Environmentally Responsible Business Practices PDF
H.L.A. Prasadi, P.A.H. Weerawardana, R.A. Jayasinghe
Comparative Study of Embodied Energy in Different Walling Materials PDF
C.D. Udawattha, R.U. Halwatura
Product Carbon Footprint of a Fabric Manufactured in Sri Lanka PDF
W.M.P.S.B. Wahala, H. Siriwardana, D.K.L. Senadheera

Socio-Economics of Natural Resources

Development of Suitability Index for Locating Rock Quarrying Sites in Sri Lanka PDF
R. Premasiri, T. Dahanayake, S. Tennakoon
Pesticides Contamination Status of Ground and Surface Water in the Selected Head and Transitional Regions of the Kelani River Basin, Sri Lanka PDF
M.G.Y.L. Mahagamage, S.D.M. Chinthaka, P.M. Manage
Socio Economic Development of Coastal People Through Kappaphycus alverzii Farming Using Different Cultivation Methods in Tamil Nadu, Southeast Coast of India PDF
C. Periyasamy, P.V. Subba Rao, P. Anantharaman
Experimental Cultivation with Economics of Cultivated Kappaphycus Alverzii (Doty) Doty at Three Different Locations of Palk Bay Waters, Tamil Nadu, Southeast Coast of India PDF
P. Anantharaman, C. Periyasamy, P.V. Subba Rao
Legal Protection and Management of Marine Ecosystem: What Maldives Can Learn from India? PDF
S. Shabbir
Reasons for Failures in Wildlife Crime Investigations and Court Procedures of the Department of Wildlife Conservation in Polonnaruwa Assistant Directors’ Region of Sri Lanka (Qualitative Study) PDF
K.A.U. Kumarathunga, T.G.S.L. Prakash, P.K.P. Perera
Urban Coastal Ecosystem Services and Value of Cultural Landscape: An Assessment of View Value to the Indigenous Fishing Community PDF
P.S.R. Guruge, K.R.H.M. Ranjan, U.K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige, D. Weerakoon
Valuation of Ecosystem Services Provided by Pigeon Island National Park, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka PDF
C.T. Jayaratne, M.P. Wattage, W. Rev. Wimalaratana
Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge of Indian Traditional Medicinal Mangroves in a Coastal Village of Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu, India PDF
R.T. Sambandam
Life Cycle Assessment of Selected Wooden Products with Special Reference to Furniture Production in Different Scales PDF
S.D. Illesinghe, U.A.D.P. Gunawardena
An Assessment of Variation of Damage with the Distance from an Open Dump Site: A Case Study of Methotamulla Dumpsite, Sri Lanka PDF
G.K. Udugama, U.A.D.P. Gunawardena
Evaluation of Performance of Environmental Protection License of Rice Mills of the North Central Province PDF
G.N. Chandrasiri, U.A.D.P. Gunawardena

Proceedings of International Forestry and Environment Symposium, Sri Lanka. Published by Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura