Vol 14 (2009)

Proceedings of the 14th International Forestry and Environment Symposium, 2009

DOI: 10.31357/fesympo.v14i0

Table of Contents

Forestry and Natural Resource Management

Biomass estimation in some dry zone forests in Sri Lanka from Forest Inventory Data
M.D.P. Kumarathunge, M.C.M. Iqbal
Human– wildlife conflict: issues, effects and conservation
O.S. Ojo, O. Akinyemi, A.I. Sodimu, B.S. Ojelade, W.A. Jayeoba
Assessing the preferences of plant breeders for utilization, benefit sharing and priorization of conservation of wild rice relatives in Sri Lanka
S. Guruge, R. Dissanayake, M. Udugama, M.U. Jayasinghe, U.A.D.P. Gunewardena, R.P.L.C. Randeni, R.S.S. Rathnayake
Economic valuation of conservation of genetic resources of wild rice relatives : Assessing the preferences of adjacent community for conserving Oryza granulata in the Wavulpane area
R. Dissanayake, S. Guruge, M. Udugama, M.U. Jayasinghe, U.A.D.P. Gunewardena, R.P.L.C. Randeni, R.S.S. Rathnayake
Economic value of mangrove ecosystems in the Panama village, Ampara district:a case study
K. Wijayaweera, S.P.N. Perera, V.A.P Samarawickrama
Deterioration of soil quality with continuous plantation of teak (Tectona grandis)
N.T. Diyalawaththa, R.M.D. Alawathugoda, P.I. Yapa
Socio-economic factors affecting the technology adoption level of sugarcane in rainfed sector in Sevenagala
T.D.G.J. Peiris, N.R. Abeynayake, M.S Perera
Timber production in high density planting of Hevea brasiliensis
T.U.K. Silva, V.H.L. Rodrigo, S.M.C.U.P. Subasinghe
Community dependency on sand dunes for household income: Evidence from two coastal villages in Pottuvil
P. Sivarajah, M. Anas
Estimation of ecological footprint for Madurawala Divisional Secretariat area, Kaluthara District
W.D. Sepalika, U.A.D.P. Gunawardena
Investigation of ergonomic parameters of easy chairs in Moratuwa furniture manufacturing establishments
S A L P Silva, H S Amarasekera
Change of crown diameter with dbh of Swietenia macrophylla (mahogany)
W.A.S. Lakmali, S.M.C.U.P. Subasinghe
Investigation into the optimal fertilizer regime of Swietenia macrophylla (Mahogany)
S. Jayasinghe, D.M.S.H.K. Ranasinghe
Establishment of relationships of growth at 7 years old Mahogany trees with selected site factors in low country wet zone, using GIS as a tool
K.R.A.H.A. Randeni, S.M.C.U.P. Subasinghe

Waste Management and Pollution Control

Adaption of different composting techniques by Local Government Authorities (LGA)
W.G.A.S. Kumara, S.N. Gamage, N.J.G.J. Bandara
Waste composition analysis to estimate prevalence of recyclables to develop a
W.G.A.S. Kumara, W.S.S. De Silva, M.K.C.G. Gunathilaka
A comparative study of alternative waste management practices
Pradeshiya Sabha Kaduwela
Ensuring human safety and addressing environmental concern through better management of biomedical waste: A case study of Aurangabad city, m.s. India
K. Khobragade
Proper solid waste management practices implemented in Puttlam Urban Council
Urban Council Puttlam
Microstrainer for removal of algae in drinking water treatment
S.S. Sethunge, P.M. Manage, S. Jayasinghe
Design an effective solid waste management system for a Local Authority in Sri Lanka
T.P.G.P.R. Gurusinghe, B.C. Liyanage
Managing waste in a watershed: The case of the Paradeke Oya watershed
K. Melvani
Bioremediation of carbofuran by isolated bacteria from soil
L.M.A.M. Thilakarathne, P.M. Manage, J.A. Liyanage
An Assessment of Groundwater Quality in the Land Area around the University of Sri Jayewardenepura
B. Dorakumbura, W.D.W Jayathilake
Increasing the quality of organic fertilizer produced from municipal solid waste and
Urban Council Balangoda

Biodiversity Conservation and Management

How do Sri Lankan shrub frogs Philautus popularis spend their night time: Field observations from Bolgoda wetland complex
H.G.S.K. Dayananda, D.D. Wickramasinghe
Diversity and distribution of mangrove flora in the Attaragoda wetland, Galle with some notes on avifauna
B Jayasekara, I.R. Wedage, P. N. Dayawansa
A Study of carbofuran adsorption and leaching in three soil series of Jaffna Peninsula
N. Gnanavelrajah, T. Kanthasamy
Utilization of molluscs as a food resource among traditional communities in Kalpitiya Region (KR) of Sri Lanka
T. Siriwardana
Changing socio economic pattern and conservation of Maduganga wetland
P. Manusinghe
Effects of abiotic environmental factors on fish yield from traditional stilt fishery in
M.C.L. Zoysa, U.P.K. Epa
Effects of carbofuran on survival and growth of Duttaphrynus melanostictus tadpoles
M.R. Wijesinghe, B.A.D.M.C. Jayatillake, W.D. Ratnasooriya

Climate Change

Aboveground tree carbon stocks of Lowland evergreen mixed vegetation at Gannoruwa
P.S. Pathinayake, M.D.P. Kumarathunga, S.P. Nissanka
Aboveground tree carbon stocks of Lowland evergreen mixed vegetation at Gannoruwa
P.S. Pathinayake, M.D.P. Kumarathunga, S.P. Nissanka

Agroforestry and Social Forestry

Estimation of carbon stock in Kandyan Homegardens located in Kandy and Matale
W.A.S.S. Dissanayake, D.M.S.H.K. Ranasinghe, S. Wahala

Environment Friendly Technologies and Green Solutions

Use of anti- fungal properties of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and beetle leaf extracts to
P. Alahakoon, K.C. Madushani, N.H Jayawardana, R. Munasingha

Proceedings of International Forestry and Environment Symposium, Sri Lanka. Published by Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura