Empirical Investigation of Safety Practices in the Large Scale Construction Industry in Sri Lanka

AAB Bhagyani, H Kottawatta


Area of the Study


This study attempts to identify the current safety issues in the construction field, identify effectiveness of the safety strategies used by the construction field and to propose effective and preventive safety strategies.


Problem of the Study


The research problem addressed under this study is to identify the real safety practices of the construction industry in Sri Lanka.


Method of the Study


The existing literature, experts’ opinions and the authors’ experience were reviewed to find the safety issues and safety strategies. Based on knowledge gained from these sources, a detailed questionnaire was developed aiming the main objective of identifying safety strategies used in the industry. For this study 40 ongoing large building construction sites were selected as the survey sample.  In proposing effective and preventive safety strategies, the Pearson’s Correlation between identified severe issues and safety strategies was used.


Findings of the Study


Poor safety documentation, lesser safety education and awareness and lesser provision of resources and insurance policies were identified as most severe issues in the construction industry in Sri Lanka. Safety strategies like safety signs and symbols, prohibition of unhealthy drugs, alcohol at workplace and providing safety manuals, handouts and first aid toolkits to workers and management were identified as most effectively practicing safety strategies in large scale construction industry in Sri Lanka. To overcome the current severe safety issues four effective and preventive safety strategies; safety specialized training, accident Insurance policy, safety planning; pre project and pre task and safety meetings were proposed considering the strong positive relationship with safety issues that had been identified.


Conclusion of the Study


In order to avoid or to minimize the safety issues that are severe in the construction industry Sri Lanka, implementation of above strategies become utmost important because they would prevent the most critical safety issues that are experienced by the large scale construction industry in Sri Lanka. Integration of all these can be produced skilled and self-disciplined personnel into this field. Thereby, the industry can establish the safety culture in construction sites in Sri Lanka.


Keywords: Construction Industry, Safety Issues, Safety Strategies

Full Text:


DOI: https://doi.org/10.31357/hrmj.v3i1.2932

DOI (PDF): https://doi.org/10.31357/hrmj.v3i1.2932.g1972


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