Proceedings of International Conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage

This Research Conference is a forum for researchers in the fields of Folk-Lore such as Animal lore, Plant lore, Food culture, Traditional medicine, Traditional knowledge, Folk Art and Craft, Folk Medicine, Folk Drama, Folk Tale, Traditional Heritage, Folk dancing, Supernatural belief systems, Religion and Magic, Folk Poems present their research findings.

 International Conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage organized by the Department of Anthropology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura is one of the very first conferences in this field of studies in Sri Lanka. ICICH is conducted under the theme “Enriching Global Citizens through Traditional Insights” which promotes folklore research among academia.

2019: Proceedings of the International Conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage

Table of Contents


කේ. ඞී. කේ. කේ. තන්ත‍්‍රිගේ, ඒ. ජේ. රජිත්, කේ. ජී. එච්. චන්දිමාල්, පී. ඒ. පී. රොද්‍රිගෝ
ටී. එස්. මාටින්
පිටබැද්දර විමල සුධීර හිමි
S. R. Hulathduwa, H. T. D. W. Ariyarathna
එන්. එච්. එස්. උදයංගනී
ආර්. එම්. එස්. ඒ රත්නායක
W. M. D. A. L. B. Tilakaratna, I. S. Weerakkody, G. A. C Sri Palitha
කේ. එල්. ඒ. කොතලාවල