Towards a Sustainable Future: Reflections

H.H.D.N.P. Opatha


Sustainability came as a very vital issue in front of all of us and this paper is about sustainability presenting some managerial reflections in addition to some of the vital sustainability research findings from world studies done by recognized international organizations. Sustainability has to be considered as a mandatory requirement due to the reason of avoidance of numerous detrimental effects of operations of business organizations and the dangers of narrowly pursuing maximization of profits. If one does a careful examination of the barriers to sustainability and sustainability issues and practices it does reveal that HRM plays and will have to play a critical role in making an organization sustainable. Based on the Triple Bottom Line that is the most popular one among the several sustainability-related paradigms, it is possible to integrate sustainability into HRM resulting in three dimensions such as Green HRM, Social HRM and Strategic HRM.


Key Words: Sustainability, Green HRM, Social HRM, Strategic HRM, Green Behaviour

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