Employee Green Performance of Job: A Systematic Attempt towards Measurement

A. A. Arulrajah, H.H.D.N.P. Opatha, N.N.J. Nawaratne


Though there is a growing interest among academicians and practitioners in respect of green aspects of Human Resource Management (HRM) there is a gap in the theoretical as well as empirical knowledge about environmental related job performance of an employee in an organization. A systematic review of literature reveals that less attention has been paid in valuing, developing, measuring and making use of employee green performance of job by the organizations even though this phenomenon exists in practice. The objectives of this paper are: to introduce a key concept called „employee green performance of job, to define it nominally, and to identify key dimensions of the concept for the purpose of measuring it in reality based on systematic review of literature. Our attempt resulted in identifying three key dimensions and eleven elements which will be useful for developing an instrument to measure the concept.


 Key Words: Green Performance of Job, Green Human Resource Management, Employee, Corporate Environmental Management

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