Factors Affecting Grade 11 Students’ Performance in English Language in Secondary Schools in Colombo District


  • Dinithi Alutharachchi Pasdunrata National School of Education
  • Kumudu Udayarathna Pasdunrata National School of Education
  • W.M. Dhanapala University of Sri Jayewardenepura


This study investigated factors affecting students’ performance in the subject of English Language in secondary schools in the Colombo district. The study employed a quantitative approach. Data were collected using a questionnaire. Results of the study reveal that students are motivated to learn English for future expectations such as local and international communication, academic advancement and employment prospects. Also, the students are affected by their socio-economic backgrounds and by the absence of teaching learning materials. Study findings indicate that students’ infrequent use of English at school and at home, teachers’ responsibilities, poor teaching and learning environment in the classrooms, limited home support and the educational levels of the parents are contributing factors for poor English of the students.
Keywords: students’ performance; factors; study; English; students