Social Geology and Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction in Sri Lanka


  • Jayasingha P Landslide Research and Risk Management Division, National Building Research Orgnisation



Landslide disaster risk reduction is presently a challenging task facing by Sri Lankan
geologists. Increasing trend of population growth in Sri Lanka has adversely affected the
stability of central highland due to various human activities. Among them establishment of
human settlements and change in land use pattern have become a serious issue in triggering
land instabilities in central highland of the country. National Building Research Oragnisation
which is the main focal point in land slide disaster risk reduction in Sri Lanka has taken
valuable and timely needed actions including preparation of landslide hazard zonation maps,
early warnings and mitigations. Though the landslide is a geological phenomenon, it is highly
interacted with human societies. Hence managing the issues arising with the landslide
occurrence should be addressed with a sociological approach. This new approach is known as
Socio Geological approach which is discussed here.

Key words: Landslide, Geology, Socio Geology, Social Geologist




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