Agarwood-type Resin from Gyrinops walla Gaertn: A New Discovery


  • S.M.C.U.P. Subasinghe Department of Forestry and Environment Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  • D.S. Hettiarachchi Wescorp Agarwood, Wescorp Group, Canning Vale, Western Australia, Australia
  • E. Rathnamalala Sadaharitha Plantations Limited, Alfred Place, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka



Agarwood is an expensive resinous product extracted from some members of Aquilaria andGyrinops species of the family Thymalaeaceae. Agarwood essential oil is a highly valued perfumeryproduct in modern cosmetics and traditional Attar. Agarwood extraction from the above species andproduct manufacturing are done in India and Southeast Asian countries. However, overharvesting, lownatural regeneration, and legal restrictions at present, have limited the supply of this product.Gyrinops walla is recorded in the wet zone of Sri Lanka, and it had been very rarely recorded inextreme Southwest India. However, recent reports of the abundance of G. walla in India are hard to find.Studies were not conducted in the past for G. walla on its ability of agarwood resin production and thequality of that resin. This study is the first to identify the agarwood resin formation and the quality of G.walla which can be used as a substitute for that of Aquilaria and other species of Gyrinops.Resinous tissues were extracted from six G. walla trees for the present study from two differentareas, i.e., Labugama and Yagirala of the wet zone of Sri Lanka. The resins were solvent extracted in thelaboratory and the resin quality was tested using gas chromatography analysis. The results indicated anextreme similarity of the compounds of G. walla resin with that of commercially available agarwoodresins. However, further studies should be conducted to identify G. walla distribution and formation ofagarwood.

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S.M.C.U.P. Subasinghe, Department of Forestry and Environment Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, Senior lecturer




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Subasinghe, S., Hettiarachchi, D., & Rathnamalala, E. (2012). Agarwood-type Resin from Gyrinops walla Gaertn: A New Discovery. Journal of Tropical Forestry and Environment, 2(2).



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