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Agriculture Technology

Volume 1, Issue 2 (2021)

Antioxidant Activity and Nutritional Properties of Freshly Tapped Palmyra (Borassus flabellifer) Sap

March 30, 2021


This study aims to analyze the antioxidant activity and the nutritional profile of the freshly tapped palmyra sap. Samples were collected in pre-sterile sample collection bottles from different parts of Jaffna peninsula and immediately transferred into an ice box. Pooled samples were centrifuged (1000rpm, 5 minutes) and the supernatant is stored at the refrigerator (4℃) for nutritional, and antioxidant analysis. The results exhibit that fresh sap consists of Na (15.3±0.14 mg/100g) and K (22.6±0.12 mg/100g), while the total ash content was 0.62±0.45 (g/100g). The total sugar content of the sap was 16.43±0.07(g/100g) and the reducing sugar and non-reducing sugar content were 2.16±0.32 (g/100g), 14.27±0.04 (g/100g) respectively. Sap exhibited a relatively low amount of fat 0.02±0.01 (mg/100g). DPPH scavenging activity with regard to IC 50 value was  1.36±0.35 mg/mL, and the total phenolic content and ascorbic acid content were recorded as 186±12.27(mg GAE/100g), 12.16±0.31 (mg/100g) respectively. It can be concluded that the fresh sap of palmyra is a good source of antioxidant properties and nutritional value.