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Volume 2, Issue 4 (2022)

Application of Digital Corpus Analysis Technologies to address Low English Proficiency' in undergraduates in English Medium Higher Education

August 20, 2022


Undergraduates with Low English Proficiency (LEP) in faculties that teach exclusively in the English medium would be linguistically ill-prepared to follow an English medium degree. One of the immediate needs created is the need to develop high discipline and course content specific (content related to the undergraduates’ year of study, such as the first year) English proficiency within an extremely limited time [1]. This need could be more acute in first-year LEP students who need to transition to English Medium Instruction (EMI) in higher education. So is the need to develop discipline-specific (content related to the undergraduates’ subjects of study) English proficiency for the first time after completing school education in the local languages [2]. Based on observations gathered through an endeavour to prepare English language assistance course material for English preliminary level undergraduates in EMI, this paper proposes digital Corpus Analysis technology as a feasible tool that can be used as a fast-track method to develop a discipline and course-specific English proficiency in LEP undergraduates.