Research for Conservation and the Importance of Building Capacity and Story-Telling: Lessons from the Marine Conservation Space


  • A. De Vos Founder and Executive Director, Oceanswell



What if the solution to our greatest environmental problem was trapped in the mind of a person from an under-represented community? How do we unlock existing potential and create opportunities for individuals to go beyond and do impactful research and conservation? How can we ensure we are proactive in our conservation research so that we can address environmental issues before they become long-term problems? How do we as a conservation community come together to build a Sri Lankan voice in the global arena? This talk will be delivered through the lens of my blue whale research and over-arching marine conservation efforts and experiences in Sri Lanka. I will highlight some of my personal efforts to shift the trajectory of marine conservation at a global level, while also highlighting local efforts to develop a more ocean-conscious society that can benefit our natural environment in the longer term