Improving Organisational Sustainability Performance through Integrated Green Production Collaboration (GPC) and Environmental Management Actions (EMA) in Agro Based Manufacturing Sector in Anuradhapura District


  • M.A.K.N. Aravinda Department of Environmental Management, Rajarata University, Mihintale, Sri Lanka
  • P.S.K. Rajapakshe Department of Business Management, Rajarata University, Mihintale, Sri Lanka
  • R.G.P. Sandaruwan Department of History, Rajarata University, Mihintale, Sri Lanka
  • M.M.R. Upali Department of Environmental Management, Rajarata University, Mihintale, Sri Lanka


Green Production Collaboration is a key consideration in day-to-day business decisions. It is those formed by the people who living in employing the Eco-wisdom, knowledge and practices handed down and working system. The protection of eco management actions plays an important role in inducing technological change and facilitating sustainability growth. A number of researches have explored the benefits and the status of agro based manufacturing sector in Sri Lanka. However, research in Sri Lanka has little attention focused on external or institutional factors for sustainability with to greening process. This study aimed to fill this research gap by testing the relationship between Green Production Collaboration and Environmental Management actions and sustainability performance from a novel capabilities perspective. Therefore, this paper will look into the importance of greening for agro based firms and increasing sustainability performance. The objectives of this study are to exploring the global
literature on impacts of going green production collaboration and environmental management actions on agro based manufacturing sector’ sustainability performance in Anuradhapura District , to identify the best various types of green production practices and environmental management actions and finally identified how impacts between green production collaboration and eco management actions on firm sustainability performance in Anuradhapura District. The authors proposed unique ideological and methodological framework for developed to realise the objectives. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate firm’s sustainability performance. The researchers offer key issues, challengers and needs of agro based firms in Anuradhapura District. The data is taken through survey. Researchers selected 100 manufacturing sector organisations in Anuradhapura district by using convenience sampling method. Based on the literature review, questionnaires and the interviews with the practitioners, a proposed set of ten critical success factors separately (five green collaboration factors and five environmental management actions) and three performance measures with triple bottom line was developed. Regression, correlation and descriptive analysis were used in the analysis of collected data. This study found that variables of green production collaborations and green management actions have a positive significant impacts and positive relationship on Organisational sustainability performance. This study will contribute to the all the society, decision makers and policy makers. The results also provide various implications for managers and present some suggestions for future researches.

Keywords: Anuradhapura district, Environmental management actions, Green production collaboration, Manufacturing sector organisations, Organisational sustainability performance






Environmental Economics in Resource Management.