Catalysing the entrepreneurial spirit in a developmental state: Examining the effects of a reconstituting administrative environment on the innovative behaviour of public managers in Bangladesh


  • Q. Alam Central Queensland University, Australia
  • S. Rasel Monash University, Australia
  • S. Rahman Monash University, Australia


Few countries in the developing world have shown an exciting promise of economic prosperity as the South Asian country of Bangladesh. The focus of this paper is to explain how the Bangladeshi bureaucratic apparatus has been enhanced and strengthened through state sponsored activities that contributed to the development activities of the state. In particular, this study examines the effect of innovative environment fostered by the A2I on the innovative behavior of public servants in the Bangladesh public administration in context of the new development tasks assigned to field level administrators by the central government. The study used a quantitative research method to collect data from a sample of public servants in Bangladesh. Findings show that innovative environment in the Bangladesh public administration has significantly improved innovation behaviour of public servants and reduced red tape in the public sector.
Keywords: Bangladesh, innovative behavior, public sector