The impact of direct storytelling in increasing entrepreneurial motivation to persons with visual impairment in Bandung, Indonesia


  • G. Anggadwita Telkom University, Indonesia
  • R. Hendayani Telkom University, Indonesia
  • S. Febrianita Telkom University, Indonesia
  • A. Permatasari President University, Indonesia


People with disabilities usually have problems in their lack of entrepreneurial motivation because of their limitations. Storytelling is a method that can provide cognitive stimulus to people with disabilities and this in turn can change their motivation, including their entrepreneurship. The aim of this study is to identify the effectiveness of the storytelling method to increase the motivation of people with visual impairment in one of the social institutions in Bandung, Indonesia. This study uses an experimental method with a research design using a pretest-posttest method to identify the dimensions of entrepreneurial motivation by comparing groups of participants and measuring the increase in entrepreneurial motivation as a result of storytelling interventions. The results show that there are differences between the experimental and control groups after use of the storytelling method, and there is a significant increase in the dimensions of entrepreneurial motivation after intervention. The implications and recommendations of this study are discussed.

Keywords: Direct storytelling, entrepreneurial motivation, experimental method, people with disabilities,
people with visual impairment