Coming to Australia: Cultural experiences and cultural competence as factors for success


  • D. Dias Monash University, Australia
  • C. J. Zhu Monash University, Australia
  • R. Samaratunge Monash University, Australia


This paper examines the role of cultural experiences and cultural competence as two factors that can influence how well immigrant employees can do in Australia’s culturally diverse work environment. The paper posits that individuals with more experience with other cultures and with higher levels of cultural competence will find the Australian culturally diverse environment less stressful compared to individuals who lack these resources. Using job demands-resources theory and the extant literature, this paper presents hypotheses and a conceptual model that links these two factors to levels of burnout amongst immigrant employees currently working in Australia. The theoretical and practical implications of the model are discussed, along with avenues for future research.
Keywords: Cultural experiences, cultural competence, burnout, immigrant employees, Australia