The determinants of Middle Eastern immigrants’ entrepreneurial success in Australia


  • F. Fallahi Monash University, Australia
  • R. Samaratunge Monash University, Australia
  • D. Prajogo Monash University, Australia


This study investigates, by way of a preliminary conceptual framework, determinants of successful firm performance of Middle Eastern immigrant entrepreneurs in Australia, using Social Identity Theory. In particular, drawing on the social identity theory and psychological capital, we develop a conceptual framework to examine the determinants of firm performance of these immigrant small business owneroperators. The influence of immigrants’ acculturation, perceived discrimination, utilization of social capital and entrepreneurial orientation have significant implications for their entrepreneurial success. The paper concludes with implications for immigrant entrepreneurship and policy development as a platform for future research.
Keywords: Acculturation, firm performance, immigrant entrepreneurship, perceived discrimination, psychological capital, social capital