Harness the power of sustainability: Evidence from rubber manufacturing processes in Sri Lanka


  • L.F.D.Z. Gunathilaka University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka
  • K.D. Gunawardana University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka


The present day value of a business is judged through multiple dimensions playing attention to economic, social and environmental concerns. The core value of a business is not an undeviating measure of pure manufacturing performance but a much more in-depth commitment of more focused strategic direction on social and natural resources management. In the course of developing interest in sustainability, prolific numbers of companies around the world have been focusing attention towards Natural Resource Basedview (NRBV). The study mainly reviews the existing secondary data (1990-2016) to show that how and why an attempt to detect a systematic relationship be made between the environmental and social concern of a firm and in what manner the organization can achieve their business advantage by incorporating sustainability in to firm performance. Hence it is ventured in the manufacturing industry in which it has to reduce socio environmental impacts to ascertain the significance of the sustainability performance which is ever so important indeed, for the entire world. Therefore, it is critical to investigate the relationship between sustainability growth and firm performance to build up scope for future research to achieve better and more consistent results.
Keywords: Sustainability, Natural Resource Based-view, Firm performance, socio environmental impacts, Rubber industry