A framework for successful implementation of HR analytics in Sri Lanka


  • R.N. Gurusinghe University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka
  • B.J.H. Arachchige University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka
  • N.W.K.D.K. Dayarathna University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka


The Asia region is expected to grow fastest in HR analytics due to rapid digital transformation. The importance of HR analytics is that it enables organizations to make evidence-based strategic business decisions, increasing organizational effectiveness and thereby achieving competitive advantage. However, despite this significance, adoption of HR analytics and academic research remains at a lower level. The objectives of this research paper are to understand the current status of HR analytics, explore the challenges and barriers to implementing HR analytics and build a theoretical framework to understand the relationship between the contextual factors and HR analytics implementation. In this study Sri Lanka is considered the empirical point of study.
Keywords: HR analytics, contextual factors, challenges and barriers, Sri Lanka