If CSR is culturally determined, what can we say about ethical organisations?


  • H. Harris UniSA Business School, Australia


The paper explores how corporate social responsibility (CSR) is impacted by values. The link
between society and what is viewed as socially responsible, what is viewed as ethical business
conduct, has been widely studied. Some have considered whether an organisation that has
values consistent or congruent with those of the society in which it operates is an ethical
organisation. Two features of the contemporary world make this more telling: there is a considerable diversity of values within many nation-states and many organisations are being
held to account in one nation state for actions in another. This is considered as to whether the notion of an ethical organisation must be tied to a hegemonic notion of ethics. Implications for
teaching ethics in business schools are drawn in the context of recent discussion on the role of
business schools and concern about the pervasiveness of quantitative approaches.
Keywords: Business and society, global, emerging societies, ethics, Islam, Christianity