Balancing the social, economic and ethical Trilemma: Sustaining an inclusive organization that is perceived to unethical


  • P.K. Hota Australian National University, Australia
  • B. Bhatt Australian National University, Australia


Existing social entrepreneurship (SE) literature discuss the dilemma between social and
commercial objectives of SEs and how such organization can overcome challenges arising out
of it. However, there is lack of focus on ethical issues related to SEs which arises from the
presumption that if an organization is socially oriented, the motivation is likely to be ethically
sound; that it is principled, morally justified and ethically legitimate. However, this position is
subsequently challenged by scholars who argue that something social is not necessarily ethical
and hence there is a need to critically examine ethical issues of SEs similar to any other organization. In this paper, we address the research question, “How do core-stigmatizes social
enterprises balances their social, commercial and ethical dimensions?”. We used the process
by adopting an inductive case-study approach in this paper. This paper contributes to the field
of social entrepreneurship by providing a framework that can help them to balance their social,
commercial and ethical dimensions.
Keywords: Ethical Organization, Social Entrepreneurship, Inclusive Organization, Qualitative Research, Emerging Economies