Psychological Capital, Academic Work Environments and Teacher’s Performance: An Approach towards Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan


  • R.N. Idrees COMSATS University, Pakistan
  • A. Imran COMSATS University, Pakistan
  • S. Malik COMSATS University, Pakistan


The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan reported that universities have not been meeting
the minimum requirements of performance due to which, they have been warned of severe
penalties and consequences. Current higher education system of the state is under turmoil as
it is still not providing quality among other factors at every level. The performance of public
universities is facing serious criticisms and there is nothing being done on empirical grounds.
This study is an effort slightly towards predicting performance of the university teachers in public sector HEIs of Pakistan. It investigates the link between performance and worker’s views on incentives schemes and programs. A quantitative study using self-administered questionnaires followed by qualitative methods was used. Results show that the value attached to incentives (financial and non-financial) have positive and direct impact on employees’ performance in the field of higher education.
Keyword: Pakistan, academic work environments, Psychological Capital