Exploring the reasons for slow growth rate among women entrepreneurs in Malaysia


  • J.C. Miranda Sunway University, Malaysia


This project explored the reasons for the slow growth of women entrepreneurs in Malaysia, despite the availability of many funding and aid options for women entrepreneurs. Through purposive and snowball sampling three participants from each major ethnic group in Malaysia were selected (Malay, Chinese and Indians). Primary data were collected using in-depth interviews. The findings indicated (i) a lack of awareness of the availability of aid,, (ii) an impact of gender, (iii) incorrectly identifying target market needs, (iv) statistics not truly reflective of the situation, and (v) neglecting of potential ‘rising starts’. The recommendations suggested are that (i) Government and related agencies entrusted with aiding women entrepreneurs carry out comprehensive research to identify the correct need for the target market, (ii) advertising to disseminate information must be properly channelled for maximum exposure, and (iii) aid should not be restricted to funding.
Keywords: Women entrepreneurs, stumbling blocks, aid, ministries and government agencies, Malaysia