Green employee engagement: A noteworthy endeavour to identify research gaps


  • M.D. Pushpakumari University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka
  • Y. A. Iddagoda University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka


The main aim of this paper is to discover research gaps in the literature of green employee engagement. Employee engagement captures the attention of both academic and business spheres because it leads to consequences such as employee job performance and organizational financial performance. Employee engagement is all about the employee’s head, heart and hand in the performance of his/her job. Unleashing the true potential of productive employees can play a crucial role in green employee engagement. Desk research has paved the way in order to identify three gaps in green employee engagement. There is no definition on green employee engagement in the Sri Lankan context, or perhaps in the international context. There is no evidence on a well-adapted instrument to measure the construct of green employee engagement either. There is no empirical evidence about personal character, leadership and work life balance that significantly and jointly affect green employee engagement in a nomological network in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. Gap one is a theoretical gap and gaps two and three are empirical gaps. The identified first gap has been bridged by formulating a working definition of green employee engagement. Through a proper conceptualization and operationalization, a well-adapted instrument was developed. That helped to bridge the identified second research gap. The third gap needs to be filled through a systematic empirical investigation in future.
Keywords: Green employee engagement, research gaps, conceptualization, operationalization, Sri Lanka