Entrepreneurial growth among farmers: Lessons from the floriculture industry in Sri Lanka


  • V. Sachitra University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka
  • C. Padmini Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy, Sri Lanka
  • K. Bernard Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, Sri Lanka


It is imperative to offer a new perspective on entrepreneurial growth that draws directly upon the capability approach. The aim of this study is to investigate the role of capabilities in the context of EG in the floriculture industry in Sri Lanka, using qualitative and quantitative approaches. The scope covers owners of farms who possess experience in floriculture commercial cultivation in Western Province In-depth interview results revealed that 31 key actions were taken as major drivers for entrepreneurship growth. Based on responses from 206 farm owners, valid and reliable indicators were developed and five key capabilities were conceptualised to identify the significant influence of each capability on entrepreneurial growth. The question of what factors form the drivers to entrepreneurial growth at farm level is still largely unexplored, as less is known about the effect of capabilities on entrepreneurial growth. The study expands the current debates on entrepreneurial growth and institutional environment, which allows the mapping of capability development.
Keywords: Capability approach, entrepreneurial growth, agribusiness, floriculture, Sri Lanka