Impediments and approaches for faculty and SMEs linkage: A case study of the Management Faculty of the University of Jaffna.


  • S. Shivany University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka


SMEs are vital contributors to the process of commercialization of new knowledge discovered by universities. Understanding impediments and approaches for linkages between a faculty and SMEs is therefore important. The purpose of this research is to identify the impediments and approaches for the linkages between management faculty of Jaffna University and AMEs of the Northern Province, Sri Lanka. Data were collected using 14 in-depth interviews and six focus group discussions with the students, staff and SMEs. Findings show 10 impediments as motivation, curriculum, infrastructure, work overload, instructive methods, awareness support, immense gap exists, and negative attitude towards community participation. This study identified eight approaches for altering pedagogical methods, incorporating field visits for co-creation of knowledge, motivating faculty level centers, attitude change program, inviting stakeholder partners for networking and student leaderships, outcome-based measures, awards and quality-led approach.
Keywords: Approaches, impediments, linkages, management faculty, SMEs, Sri Lanka