Emotions, psychological capital, and sales performance: Challenges for women entrepreneurs in the South of Thailand


  • D. Supanti Prince of Songkla University (Hatyai Campus), Thailand
  • V. Rana Australian Institute of Business, Australia
  • S. Ek-uru Prince of Songkla University (Hatyai Campus), Thailand


Drawing from broaden-and-build theory and positive organizational behavior, this paper examined: a) the effect of feedback and its affective consequences on sales performance; b) the effects of emotions on sales performance through the mediating role of psychological capital (PsyCap) would vary between male and female. A scenario experimental design comparing the effects of positive/negative feedback given in private/public was conducted with a sample of 178 entrepreneurs in the South of Thailand. Results suggest that positive feedback in public has an impact on positive emotion while private feedback has subsequently impact on sales performance. A moderated mediation effect was revealed such that, for male, positive emotion has an influence on psychological capital, which, in turn, has strong impact on sales performance.
Keywords: Emotions, psychological capital, sales performance, gender, moderated mediation, Thailand