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Women Empowerment Through Microfinance: An Empirical Study on Ampara District of Sri Lanka


The prime objective of this study is to identify the association between microfinance and women empowerment by giving opportunity for self-employment, rural women and the impact of micro-credit, savings, skill training and education on women empowerment as well. This study focuses on women empowerment through micro finance under post-war development in Ampara District selecting five rural areas which are Uhana, Padiyathalawa, Weeragoda, Damana, and Ampara in Ampara District. The information has been gathered by primary data from the rural women in the above selected areas and 105 responded out of 50. From the results, it is concluded that the micro-finance has significant relationship and positively correlated (0.852) with empowerment at 0.01 significant levels and its impact is crucial as well. It is suggested that the micro- finance facilities are essential in empowering rural women and developing the women entrepreneurs under post-war development in Ampara District.

Keywords: Micro-Finance, post-war development, women empowerment, Rural Development