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Factors Affecting the Purchase Intention of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics: with special reference to Women Consumers in Colombo District, Sri Lanka


The power which consumers belong, have precipitately identified, and have a faith that consumers can commute the existing purchasing style, accordingly several companies have gathered the knowledge of practicing ethically and have gathered the knowledge of it to build up business strategies. The purpose of this research is to identify the factors that affect the purchase intention of cruelty-free cosmetics with special reference to women consumers in Colombo district Sri Lanka. To delve into this matter, five independent variables and a dependent variable were developed, specifically financial factor, social media, attitude, altruism, environmental knowledge (Independent Variables) and purchase intention (Dependent Variable). To reach the purpose of this study, the deductive approach was escorted by the quantitative method with a developed conceptual frame to test the hypothesis. The population of the study comprised of Colombo district’s female cosmetic consumers where nonprobability sampling technique was used considering convenience to reach sources and time constraints. Data collection was done by using a questionnaire survey. Accordingly, data was gathered from 202 respondents and analysed using quantitative analysis techniques with the help of IBM SPSS software. In the process of preparing data for the analysis, normality, linearity, validity, reliability, multicollinearity, and the correlation of data were checked. According to the findings none of these factors: financial factor, social media, attitude, altruism, and environment knowledge do not influence the purchase intention of cruelty-free cosmetic products. The findings of this study will not be able to generalize into Sri Lanka because this study was limited to the Colombo district.

Keywords: Purchase intention, Cruelty-free cosmetics, Consumer behaviour, ethical consumption