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The Impact of Green Marketing Mix on Consumer Purchasing Behavior of Cosmetics Products (With Special Reference to Female Consumers in Western Province)


In the current scenario, consumers are looking for the well-known brands having quality which satisfies their needs and most of the people value the environment and believe to protect it. They are aware about the environmental problems. Therefore, most of them tries to protect environment in every action they take. But it is not necessary that their purchasing should lie on this basis. There may be difference between their purchasing behavior towards eco-friendly cosmetics which lies on some important factors such as product, price, promotion and convenience to purchase. Although green marketing concept is new to Sri Lankan context, this study aims to discuss the impact of green marketing mix on purchasing behavior of female consumers and investigated the impact of green marketing mix on the purchasing behavior of female consumers with special reference to the cosmetic industry in Sri Lanka. Data were collected from 150 respondents in western province of Sri Lanka by using multi - stage and convenience sampling methods and using the mall intercept sampling technique. The data analysis was conducted using the multiple regression analysis, correlation and descriptive methods. The results of this study will be important for both company owners as well as the management to pay attention on their green marketing mix to make them more competitive in the eyes of the competitors. Based on the investigations, the researcher has proven that green marketing mix has a significant impact on purchasing behavior of female consumers on cosmetic products. The research findings support the marketers and the cosmetics manufacturers to attract customers more strategically and it further supports the buyers to shape up their purchasing behaviors by defining some criteria. Moreover, this study will assist marketing managers to plan the appropriate marketing strategies on green marketing mix elements regarding cosmetics products while making profit. Furthermore, researchers can study the impact of green marketing mix on other related and unrelated products such as food and automobiles to the cosmetic industry and can make comparison for more elaboration.

Keywords: Green Product, Green Price, Green Place, Green Promotion, Consumer Purchasing Behavior