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Spiritual Growth and Social Entrepreneurship: Understanding the integration of spirituality and social entrepreneurial process


The business world today is moving from capitalism to social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs view a social mission as an explicit and central one than following the path of individual wealth creation. Seizing opportunities and utilizing resources are the key factors that influencing entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneur’s belief system is shaped or process of interpretation that makes entrepreneurs pursue solutions to social problems. Transcends from wealth creators to social warriors may be explained by focusing on their spiritual orientation (Ganzin, Islam, & Suddaby, 2020). The objective of the study is to explore the connection of spirituality development to social entrepreneurial process of social entrepreneurs. The paper offers a new theoretical conceptualization in relation to understanding how spiritual growth influences social entrepreneurs. Thus, the paper tries to build up the relationship between spiritual growth and social entrepreneurial process. As such, our paper strengthen the existing social entrepreneurship theory by introducing the spirituality dimension to the cognitive process and highlights the trigger points related to social entrepreneurial behavior that transcendence individual wealth creation. Furthermore, the linkage between the attributes of social entrepreneurial process and spiritual development phases is an eye opening to both spiritual and entrepreneurial studies.

Keywords: Social entrepreneurship, Spiritual growth, Entrepreneurial process