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Effectiveness of Project Management Tools and Techniques in Sri Lankan Telecommunication Sector


The main focus of this research is to investigate the effectiveness of project management tools and techniques (PMTT) in Sri Lankan telecommunication sector. Also this research will further elaborate how Project Management Tools and Techniques effect on success of projects. Sample has been derived as a representation by covering main telecommunication providers in Sri Lanka. This sample consists of 178 employees who are responsible for projects in telecommunication sector. Linear regression and correlation analysis has been used to prove the model fitting. The finding suggests that project manager’s competency, top management support and organisational commitment facilitate project success by active use of PMTT. Further Project manager’s competency is the most important factor influencing the level of PMTT usage and thereby project success. Also, Top management support is the second most important factor determining the level of PMTT usage and project success. Further Organisational commitment influences the level of PMTT usage and project success. Finally, analysis proved there is no significant association between project complexity and PMTT usage or project success.

Keywords: Project management tools and techniques, project management, telecommunication sector, project success