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Work-Life Balance among Fresh Male Graduates in Sri Lankan Context: A Qualitative Study


Work-life balance is a wide concept which involves prioritizing between work and life. Many research findings emphasize that work-life balance focuses more on women, but there is new clear indication which also emergent concern for men. The requirement of addressing the work-life balance related problems of men are becoming an upcoming trend in Sri Lankan workplace. The present study attempts to explore how do male employees perceive the concept of work life balance in Sri Lankan organisations. In addressing this primary objective, under interpretivism research philosophy and qualitative research methodology, face to face interviews with 12 working men were conducted. The data were analyzed by using thematic analysis. The findings of the study were revealed neglecting attitude towards the work life balance from young male employees even though they acknowledge it as an essential area in professional life. Moreover, it was apparent that respondents realize themselves as an enthusiastic cluster with lots of energy who can contribute more to the profession and grab more opportunities for their future, therefore, they compel to focus more on career than their personal life. However, almost all the participants perceived the concept of work life balance as gender irrespective concept. And also, young males believe that they are not much hassle on their family matters because respondents highlighted that their parents are continuously encouraging them to reach their career goals far as possible. It was noticeable that fresh male graduates are more concerned about their career development therefore they are given more priority towards the work life. Moreover, the study focused on the current practices available in the organizational context of Sri Lanka. Use of flexible working hours and supportive working environment subordinates are identified as effective practices. The Responsibility of organisations in helping the balance between work- and life is highlighted.

Keywords: Work-life balance, Fresh male graduates, Work-life balance strategies