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Application of Green HRM Practices (GHRM) in Brandıx Apparel Solutions Ltd.: The Managerial Perspective


Growing concern for the global environment and the adoption of international environmental protection principles have created a need for businesses to implement environmental policies and programs. GHRM means environmental friendly Human Resource Management (HRM) activities such as video recruiting, protection of electronic archives, online interview and application filling environmental training and green initiative-based incentive etc. The main motive of the study is to find out the potential contribution of Human Resource Management field for increasing environmental sustainability by using Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) concept at organization in Sri Lankan context. This study also helps to examine the available GHRM practices in the organization, perception regarding green human resource practices and related constraints as identified by HR professionals of the organization. A survey was conducted to collect data from the respondents of 35 employees by pre-structured questionnaire and informal interviews. The simple random sampling method was used. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics methods. The major findings of the study are significant positive willingness towards all the proposed GHRM initiatives, more than 50% of HR professionals are moderately implemented at least one GHRM initiative, existing rules and regulations is the highest constraints as identified by the HR professionals. In order to achieve sustainability, incorporation of GHRM practices for Brandix group of companies is a prerequisite and company to focus this in their action plan and Flexible rules and regulations have to be followed to motivate HR professionals to practice GHRM practices within the organization.

Keywords: Apparel sector, Environmental sustainability, Green human resource management, GHRM practices, HR professionals.