Mediated Mediation Model to Examine the Nexus among Entrepreneurship Skills, Entrepreneurship Attitude, Entrepreneurship Intention and Start-up Preparation of the Undergraduates in the Selected Universities in Sri Lanka


  • N. Thevanes Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  • A. Puspanathan University of Vavuniya



This study investigates the relationships among entrepreneurship skills, entrepreneurship attitude, entrepreneurship intention, and start-up preparation. Researchers have designed a conceptual model and constructed hypotheses tested using structural equation modelling based on data collected from undergraduates in selected state universities in Sri Lanka.  The findings of the study revealed that there are positive and significant relationships that exist among the study variables. Further, the relationship between entrepreneurship skills and start-up preparation is mediated by entrepreneurship attitude and entrepreneurship intention. Similarly, entrepreneurship intention mediates the relationship between entrepreneurship attitude and start-up preparation. The study contributes to the theoretical and empirical development of a model to explain and open the black box on the relationships among entrepreneurship skills, entrepreneurship attitude, and entrepreneurship intention and start-up preparation.

Keywords: Skills, Intention, Attitude, Start-Up Preparation, Entrepreneurship, University, Sri Lanka