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The Mediation Effect of Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy in the Relation of Entrepreneurial Passion on Entrepreneurial Intention of Final Year Entrepreneurial Undergraduates in Sri Lanka


Entrepreneurial intention is considered to be the most accurate predictor of entrepreneurial behaviour. Understanding entrepreneurial intent will allow researchers to explore the dynamics of the venture creation process. However, the controversial findings regarding the determinants of entrepreneurial intention have triggered this study to question what antecedents would predict undergraduate entrepreneurial intention. Entrepreneurial passion has been identified as a key attribute of entrepreneurs, and it will impact entrepreneurial behaviour. Entrepreneurial passion is considered an important aspect that drives entrepreneurial careers. However, it has been noted that there is a lack of empirical research on this phenomenon in the context of Sri Lanka. The major contribution of this research is to expand the knowledge examining the relationship of entrepreneurial passion on entrepreneurial intention under the mediation role of entrepreneurial self-efficacy. Data were collected through self-administered questionnaires and distributed among 135 undergraduates who study the Entrepreneurship degree programmes in 5 state universities in Sri Lanka using the convenience sampling technique. Data analysis was performed using correlation analysis, regression analysis, Baron and Kenny mediator analysis method, and finally the Sobel test. The results of the study indicate the indirect effect of entrepreneurial passion on entrepreneurial intention through entrepreneurial self-efficacy being significant and positive.  The results of this research provide insights for improving available research on entrepreneurial passion in the entrepreneurship field and strengthen its role as a factor to be considered and ultimately have a practical impact on educators and policymakers in Sri Lanka.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial Intention, Entrepreneurial Passion, Entrepreneurial
Self-Efficacy, Undergraduates