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Impact of Individual Factors on Business Performance of Women Entrepreneurs in the Construction Industry in the Western Province, Sri Lanka


Entrepreneurship is seen as a crucial factor of the development of any economy because it contributes to the generating of revenue both locally and globally, facilitating economic and social progress. It focuses on not just the generation of income, but also the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of production, among other things. Scholars have identified women entrepreneurship as one of the most vital variables in a country's economic progress. Sri Lankan women have most newly begun to participate actively in the commercial sector. This study makes an effort to investigate the impact of individual factors on business performance of women entrepreneurs in the construction industry in Sri Lanka and six hypotheses were developed along with six main research objectives. The population includes all the women entrepreneurs in the construction industry who have established their businesses in the Western Province. The sample of 113 women entrepreneurs was selected with random sampling method. Multiple linear regression analysis and Pearson's correlation analysis were used to examine the hypotheses. Based on the tested hypotheses, individual factors which are   motivation and goals, social learning, network affiliation, human capital and environmental influences positively impact on the business performance of women entrepreneurs in construction industry in the Western Province, Sri Lanka. The study's findings will be useful in implementing practical ramifications in the construction industry, particularly for women entrepreneurs, by enabling women to participate in more entrepreneurial endeavours while effectively conquering their obstacles. With this understanding, Sri Lanka is forging a novel route to a novel period of growth by promoting women entrepreneurship.

Keywords: Business Performance, Construction Industry, Entrepreneurship, Individual Factors