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The Impact of Job Involvement on Organisational Commitment with Special Reference to the Branch Managers in Insurance Companies in Sri Lanka


Job involvement is used for increasing employee productivity by enhancing employee participation and commitment. By considering the high turnover ratio, individual sales targets vs. branch sales targets and incentive compensation system, in here an attempt is made to study the impact of job involvement towards organisational commitment in terms of affective commitment, continuance commitment and normative commitment with special reference to the branch managers in insurance companies in Sri Lanka.  The population of the study was the branch managers who are working in the insurance companies in Sri Lanka and hundred branch managers were taken as the sample by using a simple random sampling method. To measure the organisational commitment, Allen and Meyer’s scale was used and to measure the job involvement, ten-item job involvement scale developed by Kanungo was used. The responses for the questionnaire were rated 1-5 with the use of five- point Likert scale, indicating strongly agree to strongly disagree. Data were analysed by using SPSS and data was normality distributed. The reliability was tested with Cronbach’s alpha and accordingly, variables were considered as acceptable in terms of reliability. Descriptive analysis, Pearson correlation analysis and simple regression analysis were used to analyse the collected data. The findings of the study revealed that all the hypotheses developed in this study got significant support and proved that job involvement has a significant positive impact on organisational commitment. Further, the study findings demonstrate that job involvement is a powerful weapon to increase the organisational commitment in terms of affective commitment, continuance commitment and normative commitment in the insurance industry. Therefore, the managers should take a distinct interest to make every effort to increase the level of job involvement by paying more attention to job involvement factors, being sensitive to their employees’ needs, providing new types of training and development to employees, etc. It can be suggested to replicate future research by increasing sample size and adding individualistic characteristics as control variables.

 Keywords: Job Involvement, Organisational Commitment, Affective Commitment, Continuance Commitment, Normative Commitment