Resource Orchestration in Digital Servitisation: A Case Study of Integrated Energy Service


  • Qiubo Huang School of Economics and Social Welfare, Zhejiang Shuren University, China
  • Qing Xia School of Economics and Social Welfare, Zhejiang Shuren University, China



The widespread of digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things, in manufacturing industries has evoked a growing research stream on digital servitisation. Existing studies have formed a preliminary consensus on the conceptualisation of digital servitisation and discussed the business model, process transformation. Yet, the organisational micro foundation contributing to new strategy capabilities remain elusive. This paper aims at exploring the resource orchestration that manufacture undertaking in digital servitsation. Through a case study, the organisation restructuring process of an integrated energy service company is discussed. The research suggest that four categories of orchestration tactics enable digital servitisation path, which are physical resource orchestration tactic, human resource orchestration tactic, organisational structure tactic, ecological relationship orchestration tactic. It describes and exemplifies how manufacture transforms each of these aspects. Two types of strategy are recognised, conservative and aggressive strategy. In the end, a digital servitisation conceptual framework was proposed.

Keywords: Digital Servitisation, Resource Orchestration, Integrated Energy Service