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The Mediating Role of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour for the Environment in the Relationship between Perceived Green IT Practices and Perceived Environmental Performance of Bank


Information Technology (IT) provides pervasive advantages and benefits to the organisations and society as a whole. People are comprehensively using and upgrading their standard of living and quality of life through IT advancements. Business organisations are moving towards digitalisation day by day. IT provides strong platforms for the entire operations of the world. At the same time, IT has been contributing to serious environmental problems and issues that most people do not realise or understand. To reduce IT-related environmental problems and to create a sustainable environment, organisations have to promote Green Information Technology (GIT) practices. In Sri Lanka, banks recently shifted towards GIT practices. Hence, there are theoretical and empirical knowledge gaps in the literature regarding the relationships among Perceived Green Information Technology (PGIT) practices, Perceived Environmental Performances (PEP), and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour for the Environment (OCBE). Hence, this study intends to explore the relationship between PGIT practices and PEP and to investigate the possible mediating role of OCBE in the relationship between PGIT practices and PEP of selected commercial banks in the Matara City of Sri Lanka. The primary data for this study was collected through questionnaires from 125 employees of the selected bank in the study area. The findings of this study revealed that PGIT practices have a significant positive relationship with the PEP of the banks. The study also confirms that OCBE mediates the relationship between PGIT and PEP of banks. This study contributes to empirical knowledge and understanding of PGIT practices, OCBE, and PEP in the banking sector.

Keywords: Green Information Technology, Employee, Organisational Citizenship Behaviour for the Environment, Environmental Performance, Bank