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Factors which Influence Online Purchasing Decision of Consumers at ABC Company, in Online Food Delivery Industry, Sri Lanka


With the emergence of digital mobile apps and websites, new market opportunities have been generated in the market at present. Smart mobile devices and the internet are very popular among consumers today because of their convenience and speed. At present, most businesses use the internet and mobile applications as their marketing strategies. They do advertising and promotional campaigns through the internet. Therefore, organisations have changed their traditional modes of business into online marketing to meet customer requirements. This research study aims to investigate the factors that influence the online purchasing decisions of consumers with regard to a specific mobile application of the online food delivery industry. The survey was conducted among 100 respondents to collect data from users already using the selected online food delivery application. To achieve the objectives, the factors that influence consumers' online purchasing decisions have been classified into three subcategories: demographical, social and psychological factors. Research data was collected through a standardised questionnaire, which was adopted for this study. The questionnaire was distributed online to the selected sample. Data analysis was done fusing the latest version of SPSS statistical software by using statistical tools such as simple linear regression analysis, Anova and coefficient. This study proposes a complete conceptualisation for the online food delivery industry since this study is focused on the demographical, social and psychological factors that influence consumers' online purchasing decisions. From the study results, restaurant managers can identify which factors can lead to higher profits under certain conditions. As the key findings of the research, it was found that consumer perception, website trust, website aesthetics, number of family members and income level are key factors that influence the online purchasing decisions of consumers. This study will provide the food delivery companies and restaurant businesses with a thorough understanding of consumers’ attitudes, patterns of thinking and their perception regarding the online food delivery industry. After investigating the factors that influence the online purchasing decision, these key factors can be used to develop appropriate marketing strategies.

Keywords: Online Purchasing Decision, Online Business, Food Delivery, Online Food Delivery Industry, Online Food Apps