Influential Factors on the Effectiveness of Land Title Registration Program in Sri Lanka: Professional’s Perspective


  • N.C. Wickramaarachchi Department of Estate Management and Valuation, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka
  • K.W. Namasinghe Urban Development Authority, Sri Lanka



In Sri Lanka, the land registration system is presently experiencing countrywide conversion from a deed registration system to a title registration system. It is noted that the outcome of the conversion is little than expected. Many criticised slower progress and process hence, the system is not effectively moving. Studies have evaluated the determinants from the end users’ perspective, in fact, evidence of a formal study on the views of professionals in Sri Lanka is absent. Therefore, this research is focusing to analyse the professional perceptions on the factors that are influential in the effectiveness of the land title registration program in Sri Lanka. For this purpose, seven pre-determined factors that affect were used viz., awareness of program and participation, administration issues, attitudes and perception, social issues, technological, legal, and access to information. The mixed-method research approach was utilised in this research. A five-point Likert scale questionnaire developed as a google form was circulated among 60 professionals selected through purposive sampling method, who involves in land title registration program in Homagama and Moratuwa Divisional Secretariat Divisions to collect perceptions. Further, tele-interviews were conducted with 06 key professionals selected from the Bim Saviya project Head Office. Data analyses rely on the Pareto analysis, descriptive statistics, and spearman’s correlation analysis as quantitative methods and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) as the qualitative approach. Results revealed that the factors of awareness of the program and participation for activities and administration factors are highly influential for the effectiveness of the Bim Saviya Program in terms of both quantitative and qualitative measures. As per the outcome of the study, it is recommended to take immediate and necessary actions to mitigate the problems regarding prior factors for the establishment of an effective land registration system in Sri Lanka.

Keywords: Effectiveness, Land Administration, Land Title Registration, Property Rights, Sri Lanka