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The social performance of business organizations is getting increased attention in recent years, and a strong perception has developed among the business managers worldwide and that organizations need to be managed in a socially responsible way for economic viability and long-term sustainability. The business organizations in Bangladesh have also realized that sustainable business success and shareholder value cannot be achieved solely through short-term profit maximization, and organizations need to act more on socially responsible way and pledge commitment to fulfill more social objectives. The paper aims to investigate the social performance of business enterprises of Bangladesh and identify the extent of their social performance in different CSR related activities. Secondary literature reviews and primary data collection methods were used to conduct the study. It proposes some specific recommendations, how the business organizations of Bangladesh can fulfill more social responsibility and gain more achievement by redefining business objectives, corporate goals, and meeting conflicting interests of different stakeholders of the business organizations.

Keywords: Social performance, CSR, Business, Bangladesh.

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Author Biography

M. H. Mahmood

East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

M. Mohiuddin

University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

A. Bashar

University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh