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This manuscript investigates the basic requirements which are needed for all the MIS developing companies, while interacting with clients, i.e. Universities. There are thousands of companies currently within Pakistan making MIS for different organizations to fulfi ll their needs to cope up with the modern technology. Both the Universities and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) are keen in the upgrading so that they can stand up amongst the world class universities and to get them self’s equipped with the modern technology. In a technology-oriented, information-intense world, one of the largest challenges facing higher education is the organization, communication, and presentation of information in a logical and functional fashion. The university computerization would enhance the working environment and would decrease the burden of administrative staff, which would eventually increase the performance. We visited many software houses that are working in the building of MIS, and have found only a few who have been awarded the MIS development mega projects for different Universities in Pakistan. After surveying these software houses we have laid a paradigmatic approach for the development of MIS which is both helpful to HEC and Universities to properly evaluate and monitor the work being done by them. This methodology would provide statutory returns with administrative type functions.

Keywords: Paradigmatic, Logical, Functional, Methodology, Administrative

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Author Biography

A. S. Mirza

GC University, Faisalabad. Pakistan

N. M. Rao

Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan