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The employees are ultimately the people responsible for the success of any organization. If employees’ contribution diminishes overtime that is the point where the whole organization begins to collapse since the problems initiating from employee unrest affect motivation, employee turnover, job satisfaction and profits which may heavily impact on productivity of the organization. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study the problem of “The impact of employee unrest on organizational productivity” in a boarder sense. This paper mainly deals with identifying the root causes of employee unrest and also the nature and impact of employee unrest on organizational productivity by identifying and understanding the relationship between the identifi ed independent variables of amount of work load, nature of employee relations and benefits to the employee and the dependent variable of organizational productivity. This study was based on secondary and primary data. Primary data was collected through the methods of representative survey, depth interview, and focus group. For this purpose a structured questionnaire was used as well as interviewer guides with a sample of 500 respondents through the sampling technique of two stage cluster sampling method. Then, the correlation and multiple regression analysis were applied through SPSS to test the validity of formulated hypotheses. The finding showed that there is a strong positive relationship between the independent and dependent variables which indicate a greater impact from employee unrest towards the overall organizational productivity.

Keywords: Employee unrest, Organizational productivity, Employee turnover, Motivation

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Author Biography

H.M.R.P Herath

Department of Marketing Management
Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies,
University of Kelaniya.

R. Gajanayake

Department of Commerce and Financial Management,
Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies,
University of Kelaniya