• T. Md. Azim School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh


The study attempts to conduct an input based evaluation of the Entrepreneurship Development courses offered at BBA and MBA level in different public and private universities in Bangladesh.  It has used primary data collected through a survey by using a structured questionnaire prepared based on an Entrepreneurship Education Model proposed by Azim (2007). The respective instructors in different Academic Departments/Schools offering entrepreneurship course(s) in public and private universities have been chosen as the respondents of the survey. It is observed that the entrepreneurship courses in different universities in Bangladesh as a whole operates with medium level of effectiveness. The facilitators are found to put medium level of efforts for developing traits, skills and knowledge relevant for entrepreneurship. The teachers are also found to apply traditional lecture based teaching approaches. In the face of the weaknesses identified in the study recommends that the entrepreneurship courses should be offered with the objective of creating entrepreneurs rather than just as means of letting the students know about entrepreneurship. The facilitators should focus more on the use of multiple approaches, such as business plan writing, group discussion, exposure to entrepreneurs in the form of either life story analysis or presentation of live entrepreneurs, role play/simulation, games and competition, student presentation, creative exercises etc.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Education, Skill, Trait, Knowledge

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T. Md. Azim, School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh

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