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University teaching is a profession that demands continuous learning, teaching and contribution towards creation of new knowledge particularly through research during the career. Besides, the profession demands providing numerous services other than teaching and research by the university teachers to their respective universities and to the country at large. Literature identifies that personality allows certain occupational categories to successfully cope with their job demands. Consequently little is known about the role played by personality in the success of job performance of university teachers. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between personality and job performance of university teachers in Sri Lanka. Data was collected using a sample of 75 university teachers randomly selected from three state universities in Sri Lanka. Personality was measured using the big five personality model considering five dimensions and job performance was measured with the use of three dimensions of job performance of a university teacher namely teaching, research and service as identified in literature. Results show that the agreeableness and conscientiousness are positively and strongly correlated with the job performance of a university teacher. Although the other three personality factors are positively correlated with the job performance, the  relationships seem to be weak. Therefore, it is clear that personality predicts job performance of university teachers. The paper discusses the practical implications and areas for future research.


Keywords: Big-Five Model, Job Performance, Personality, University, University Teachers


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Author Biography

Senaratne C. Senaratne C.

Department of Human Resource Management

University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka