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India is already a Knowledge Economy-an economy that creates, disseminates, and applies knowledge to enhance its growth and development. India among all large dynamic economies like Brazil, China, and Russia, shows good performance on the Knowledge Economy Index. Rapid advances in Information and Communication Technologies, one of the four critical pillars of the knowledge economy, have dramatically engineered economic and social activities. Consequently India’s telecommunications sector among others has registered rapid growth in recent years spurred by economic reforms causing greater competition. It has assumed new meaning to the distribution channel of B2C and C2C e-Marketer and has resulted in the growth of E-Commerce to the tune of more than Rs. 92100 million. The growing volume of E-Commerce transactions promises a good tax base but the existing taxation policy applicable to traditional commerce which also deals with taxing e-commerce income limits tax base.


Key words: E-Commerce, knowledge economy, World Bank, human capital

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Author Biography

B. Kumar

Department of Business administration
Utkal University,Bhubaneswar-751004, India

B. Mohanty

Xavier Institute of Management

Bhubaneswar-751013, India