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CRM e-Business is a phrase most commonly used to describe electronic business. It means any business that utilizes a computer and carriers out its activities through computer and involves in selling products and services online. This enables the business to easily attract number of customers than before. As the traditional trader has very little to offer when compared to the online merchant for e-Business started when in order to increase their customer base and serve customers better. The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of CRM in e-Business. Our paper explores, describes and begins to explain how CRM objectives are described, managed, measured and evaluated and the different reasons that help the growth of CRM in e-business. This paper also enlightens regarding how the customer as well as the organization benefits using CRM e-Business in their knowledge economy also. For large companies, it's a saving of millions in upfront investments in hardware, software, integration, and hiring. For growing companies, it's the sophisticated network of a larger competitor at a fraction of the cost.


Key words: CRM, e-Business, roped, surpassed


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Author Biography

K. Shashidhar Kini

Assistant Professor,

Department of M.C.A.

Srinivas Institute of Technology

Valachil, Mangalore – 574 143.

D.H. Manjaiah

P.G. Department of Computer Science

Mangalore University

Mangalagangotri – 574 199