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With rapid developments taking place in the global economy, entrepreneur today is viewed not as greedy money making character as it was done years back but as a dynamic individual who contribute immensely to development of national economies while providing employment opportunities to many other non-entrepreneurs. With globalization and the exposure, entrepreneurs too changed from their traditional behavior and such gradual changes were identified and critically analyzed by sociologists and psychologists at different stages. During the recent past universities and other research institutes too have undertaken extensive research and studies to determine sociological as well as psychological aspects that influence entrepreneurs and their behaviors which are unique to them in surmounting different types of problems they face. Accordingly, the paper makes an attempt to analytically look into certain behavior patterns of entrepreneurs and make a comparison with the behavior of non-entrepreneurial individuals along their growth from childhood to adulthood in the presence of barriers which constraint development of their personal characteristics as well as enterprises. Final conclusion is that entrepreneurs with born entrepreneurial traits face such barriers courageously and achieve their goals while others give-in and fail.

Keywords: Achievers, Behavior, Characteristics, Entrepreneurs


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Author Biography

W.A.J.A. Fernando

Chairman, Business Management (BMB) Lanka, Chairman, Institute of Micro Finance and Entrepreneurship Development